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When I was growing up the question from my well meaning relatives was "what do you want for Christmas?"  As I've gotten older the question has turned more for me to "who do I want for Christmas?"  We all know being around our favorite people is so much better than "bath salts" (but nothing wrong with bath salts, hint, hint) it is the truest gift, to be with those you love.
However, the miles, lives, jobs, schedules, can keep some of us from those we most want to be with this season. As the holidays quickly approach we may find ourselves smack in the middle of amazing company, delightful foods, friends, family, blissful holiday joy, and suddenly a PANG to our heart.  May be someone inquiring about them, or maybe you see someone that reminds you of them, or a song that sparks a memory of them, but it is a longing, a missing a yearning to see this particular person, who holds that particular spot in your heart.
We understand, we've been there, we're there now.  We have an empty place at our table.  We have the tug on the tenderest part of our heart.  We are excited and full of preparation, anticipatory of our guests, and events to come.  Yet, on occasion we daydream of "them" coming through the door right now.
It has been said that each bead on a mala represents your community, your friends, family, peers, lineage, teachers....  As you touch each seed on your mala you are touching, sending your intention/mantra to each member of your tribe.  A beautiful reminder of all that make us all of who we are.  Let Bali Malas send a mala to whom you are missing the most, spreading your love to them, and to their community.
To express this tenderness Bali Malas wants to send to whom you are longing a mala from you through us.
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One weekly winner Nov 24th, ends Dec 21.
For the next several weeks we will all be longing, together.

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