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Lost in Transitions.

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Lost in Transitions.

Lost in Transitions...

My ever-present Sherpa of Transition. Without whom I would still be wandering around the Spanish Market of Santa Fe.

As the leaves begin their release from their safe, secure, attached place on the branch, to their ever so long, unknowing, gentle float to land on the ground that has always laid there, just beneath them, fall is upon us. 

The leaves will dry and crumble, eventually decomposing to assist in the cycle. 

Crisp Autumn

The signs of autumn have arrived in our town with sharp, crisp air, incredibly gorgeous cloud formations, crackling blue skies, long shadows, and today, a much-needed rain. 

Fall is a time of transitions. 

The transition of going back to a routine of school/work for many. 

The transition towards the closing of the year. The moving away from the warmth to the cool.  Swimsuits to sweaters. 

As we navigate these transitions it is important to notice how we move through them. The transitions, the places in-between the yoga postures, the pause at the top of the inhale, the float from branch to the ground. 

These are the places that interest me the most. 

These are also the places that can sometimes be the most dangerous, the least paid attention to, the most unconscious, the places where the ankle turns as we walk off the curb, where the back tweaks moving from a simple Bhujangasana to Ardho Mukha Svanasana. 

The mind has often already moved on to what's next, not even realizing the transition is what is happening now.  The space in between is where we are.  These are the places I'm learning to pay the most attention to. 

The worst car accident I've experienced was when we were literally in transition, moving from one house across town to another.  Boxes, dog, cat, goldfish and plants packed in the car, already thinking of how I'd like to paint the hallway of the new house, not being present in the moment the light turned red. Explore it, delve into it. learn from it. 

As I pack away my swimsuits, sunhats, and shorts and dig out my sweaters, socks and (gasp!) shoes I try to linger in these spaces in between. 

Space where we find ourselves in sundresses with sweaters over them. One foot under the down comforter and one in the cool night air.  The layers on, the layers off, the layers on again.  The space from pool to school, between the cobra and down dog, from apple tree to apple pie, intention and action, between the inhale and the exhale. 

They are long, rich, deep, and dark,  and without them, we would get nowhere.  The question is HOW do we get somewhere, HOW do we use and move and groove through those places in the middle of then (past) and there (future). 

Take a moment to watch that leaf leap, what happens right before it drops, and right before it lands, take a pause in those magical spaces in between.


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