New Moon Japa Mala by Pat Bailey

by Christy Wandrei September 30, 2016

New Moon Japa Mala by Pat Bailey


strung together, tied in a special way,
spaced in a special way,
finished in a special way all for devotion. 
This mala is a mala of love and devotion,
a tactile tool and reminder of the power of the elements, medicine, self-love,
and a beautiful way to
sit, connect, sing, love, be,
and set powerful new intentions."

New Moon Japa Mala
by Pat Bailey

“I harmonize my heart with the rhythm of another.”
Japa is the meditative repetition of a mantra or a divine name.  It is a practice found in many ancient cultures.  The mantra or name may be spoken softly, enough for the practitioner to hear it, or it may be spoken within the reciter’s mind.
My Bhakti practice includes daily meditation and my meditation practice is a tactile one that includes the practice of Japa with a mala.  This personal practice is a thoughtful one; the intentions are clear and purposeful, the breaths are steady and focused, and the stones, energy and elements are selected with care.
This New Moon Japa Mala, made especially for me in Bali, is a delicious invitation to sit and connect in a purposeful way.  Each stone was selected and placed for its unique qualities, hand-tied by Balinese hands on sacred land – 108 times.
On this blessed string you will feel courage from the Aquamarine which flanks the Labrodorite and Buddha inviting us with bravery to attune to more spiritual awareness.  Labrodorite, the stone that represents the temple of the stars, gives us patience and understanding with our Dharma and trusting the timing of Divine Law.
The Mica stones provide an invitation for self-reflection and allow us to look at situations fully, magnifying with its special powers all of the important aspects so that we don’t miss them.
Because I am a lover, and loving deeply is part of my practice, you will find healing powers strung here with the Amazonite stones which soothe all chakras and rejuvenate the heart and throat chakras enhancing communication concerning love. The Rose Quartz will bring gentleness and love to you in everything you do.
I believe strongly in the power of thought and that each action first begins with a thought.  You will find Quartz Crystal on this mala which is a Master Crystal used to amplify body, energy and thought – it will provide clarity in thinking to enable these thoughts to more effectively influence what you are manifesting.
This mala is a mala of love and devotion, a tactile tool and reminder of the power of the elements, medicine, self-love, and a beautiful way to sit, connect, sing, love, be, and set powerful new intentions. 

Christy Wandrei
Christy Wandrei


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