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Clarity Wrap
Clarity Wrap
Clarity Wrap


Clarity Wrap


Muse: Clarity comes when you least expect it.  You cannot force it, but instead allow it to come naturally.  Clarity is trusting your intuition in a time of no resistance.  When you are free from fear and anxiety and are no longer stressed to find "the answer."  

May your clarity shine a crystal clear path for you. 

Mantra:  I have unlimited potential to create the life I wish for myself. 

Gemstones:  Quartz Crystal and Burma Jade 

Quartz Crystal: Is all about clarity, light, reflection and amplification.  Quartz can be "programmed by one's focused intention to obtain any goal. It is a stone of light and brings heightened awareness to anyone that wears or carries it.  It will amplify the energies of any other stone making it an excellent ally in healing and prayer work.  

Burma Jade:  Green Jade is a classic abundance stone.  It assists one in learning to enjoy the small things in life and reminds you to stop and smell the flowers and share your abundant heart with others.  

Specifications:  Choice of 2 wrap, 3 wrap or 4 wrap, unisex.

*Specify in notes on order if you prefer the jade or quartz as the accent stone (the other stone will be more dominant)

 Relation: Soul Choice Wrap 

* Exclusive to Bali Malas

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