Wild, wise and free ring (gold) by Ananda Soul

This stunning ring was birthed through a collaboration with my soul sister Rachelle, the founder of Qoya. Her teachings of guiding women to remember that we are all wise, wild and free are continuing to touch my life in the most epic ways!
Wear the affirmation ‘Wise, wild & free’ engraved in this powerful ring.
Moonstone aids in inner growth, strengthens intuition and stabilizes emotions. It is known as a stone for new beginnings, success in love and business, and good fortune. It promotes inspiration and protects us, especially those of us who are very sensitive. Moonstone is said to perceive that which IS, making it a very personal stone. It is a great aid for meditation, helping us to understand ourselves. Moonstone also soothes stress and anxiety. This beautiful stone is particularly beneficial for women, also young women, helping us to connect with our feminine side. Moonstone is said to have the power of making wishes come true.

• Materials: 22kt Gold Vermeil, Moonstone
• Available in size 5 - 9.  Orders for size 5 and 9 take an additional 3-4 weeks.
• Stone diameter ~2cm | Band thickness ~2.7mm
• Ethical production under healthy and happy conditions
• Giving back to Street children in Bali

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