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Golden Rays
Golden Rays
Golden Rays

Golden Rays

Experience the incandescent radiance of our 'Golden Rays' Bali Mala, a one-of-a-kind creation that combines the warmth of citrine with the grounding power of rudraksha beads embraced in 22k gold accents.

Citrine Brilliance: Citrine is known as the 'Merchant's Stone,' believed to attract abundance and positive energy with it its brilliance. Each Citrine bead exudes a sunny glow, attracting warm embraces and sweet smiles.

Grounded Connection: The Rudraksha beads, revered for their spiritual significance, provide a deep-rooted connection to your inner self. With their natural texture and earthy charm, they help you stay centered during meditation.

Unique Elegance: 'Golden Rays' is more than a mala; it's a wearable work of art. Alternating between Citrine's vibrant energy and Rudraksha's calming presence, this mala reflects the perfect balance of spirit and style.

Bali's Essence: Crafted with love and care in Bali, this mala captures the island's essence and its spiritual aura. Each bead tells a story of Bali's rich culture and tradition.

Elevate your meditation practice with 'Golden Rays' and bask in the harmonious blend of Citrine's brilliance and Rudraksha's grounding energy. It's not just a mala; it's a radiant companion on your spiritual journey.

Design Elements:

22k gold accents
faceted citrine