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Open Heart

Open Heart

Introducing the Open Heart Mala, a divine fusion of sacred Rudraksha seeds and the gentle energy of Prehnite. Crafted with love and intention, this exquisite mala serves as a gateway to deep healing and heart-centered living.

Each bead of the Open Heart Mala carries the sacred essence of Rudraksha seeds, revered for their grounding properties and ability to foster a profound connection to the divine. As you hold this mala in your hands, feel a sense of peace and tranquility wash over you, grounding you in the present moment and opening your heart to the infinite possibilities of love.

At the heart of this mala lies the soothing presence of Prehnite, a stone known for its soft, green hue and powerful heart-opening qualities. Like a gentle breeze on a spring day, Prehnite gently expands the heart chakra, allowing you to release past wounds and emotional blockages, and invite in a deeper sense of compassion, forgiveness, and love. With each breath, feel the green light of Prehnite washing over you, infusing your spirit with a sense of renewal and vitality.

But Prehnite's healing touch extends beyond matters of the heart; it also supports overall well-being and inner harmony. Prehnite is believed to calm the mind, ease anxiety, and promote inner peace, making it an ideal companion for meditation and spiritual growth. Its gentle energy encourages you to trust in the wisdom of the universe and surrender to the flow of divine grace.

Embrace the transformative power of the Open Heart Mala and allow its gentle energy to guide you towards a life of love, compassion, and healing. Let its soothing presence remind you that the greatest journey you can ever take is the one that leads you back to your own heart. With each bead, feel yourself opening to the infinite love that surrounds you, and embracing the beauty of your own divine essence.

Pairs perfectly with 'Prehnite + Rudraksha' bracelet.

Prehnite + Rudraksha Bracelet By Bali Malas