Anahata / Heart or 4th Chakra Bracelet

Seven malas & Seven Bracelets to support our seven chakras.  

Anahata/Air Chakra  Activation:  Our forth chakra, all matters of the heart.  Emotional honesty, love, forgiveness, relationships.  Our mala/essential oil combination restores trust, heals broken hearts, reminding us of the innate goodness of all beings.

Bija Mantra: YAM

Bija Mantra are sound frequencies used to invoke the divine energy inside the body.

Mantra:  "I love myself so I may love others"

Gemstones: faceted aventurine

Specifications: 108 Rudraksha beads with aventurine stones, the emotional healer.  Green tassel supporting the color associated with this fourth chakra.


Relations: Anahata 4th Chakra bracelet

*Exclusive to Bali Malas 


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