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Capricorn inspired Celestial bracelet - Bali Malas



"please do not worry.  I've got you."
- The Universe

Muse:  Comprised of hand crafted, self-laminating beads, strung upon our sacred rudraksha Malas resulting in a powerful garland of sacred intention.  What happens when we focus our attention, we give purpose and meaning to the fleeting thought, we create an intention.   

Although our Celestial Bead Malas correspond with the sun signs, their intention is for everyone with similar attributes or intention.  

‚ÄčDecember 21st - January 19th

  • ASTROLOGICAL TIMING: Sun in Capricorn ¬†
  • ELEMENT: Earth
  • QUALITIES: Steadiness, Reserved, prudent, patient, strategy over force, seeks security, acquisitive, disciplined, determined, quick to seize opportunity
  • SYMBOL: Goat- the surefooted animal who is able to ascend the heights by taking advantage of every foothold.
  • KEYWORD: "I use"
Mantra:  The Universe has my back. 

Gemstone: turquoise and garnet

Specifications: 7mm rudraksha, turquoise tassel and Intention Bead pendant. What is an Intention Bead?  Each Intention bead is hand-rolled from raw clay during powerful astrological transits to create a unique talisman. By capturing the energy present, Intention Beads help you realize a desire, a prayer or intention.

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