Ajna/Third Eye 6th Chakra Mala

Seven malas & Seven bracelets to supporting our seven chakras.  

Muse:  Ajna/Third Eye Chakra Activation: Our sixth chakra, found at the point between the eyebrows, a place of self realization.  Our mala/essential oil combination balances our solar and lunar behaviours.  Letting go, breathing in, releasing, receiving.  You are safe to take life in and reestablish your relationship with the spirit of breath, who/what is breathing you?

Bija Mantra: AUM

Bija Mantra are sound frequencies used to invoke the divine energy inside the body.

Mantra:  "I live in harmony with my spirit"

Gemstones:  light lavender amethyst promotes calmness, balance and peace. 

Specifications: 108 beads and seeds with light lavender amethyst gemstones.  22k gold plated accent and deep purple cotton tassel supporting the color associated with this chakra 


Relations: Ajna/Third Eye Chakra bracelet


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