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Sankalpa Mala / Dosha Balance
Sankalpa Mala / Dosha Balance
Sankalpa Mala / Dosha Balance

Sankalpa Mala / Dosha Balance



Muse:  Sankalpa mala is a promise we make to ourselves every single dayto manifest our deepest resolve. It is a call to show up, focus, and act according to our physical, mental, emotional, and pranic capacity. It inspires wearers to rise beyond procrastination, peel off layers of inertia, and show up for themselvesThe Sankalpa mala is a gentle, yet powerful, reminderWe must act NOW! Gather all pieces of the scattered mind, knowing that sorrow, loss, disappointment is inevitable. Still, we must choose to show up, act, and live our purpose. Become that which you aspire to be! 

Mantra:  The mantra from Katha Upanishad instructs us, “Get up, rise, and stop not until you manifest your deepest resolve.” “Uttiṣṭhata jāgrata prāpya varānnibodhata.” 

Wear or hold the mala while mentally repeating the mantra, KLĪṀ, to invite the motivation to act beyond fear and inertia every day 

Dosha: Kapha Balance

Goddess: Kali 

Gemstones:  Each gemstone is carefully chosen to invoke the spirit of right action.  Garnet fills the heart with motivation, Tiger's Eye reminds us of rising beyond fear, and Pyrite shield the heart from despair, keeping it throbbing with Prana. Gold's heating effect pacifies the Kapha Dosha.  

Specifications: 216 of the above listed gemstones plus rudraksha seeds with gold accents, a tigers eye pendant and a hand-inscribed Gold charm with the mantra, KLĪṀ at the back of the neck. 

Collaborator: Indu Arora 

 Relation:  Sankalpa Wrap 

*Exclusive to Bali Malas

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