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Sagittarius Cosmic  Diffuser Mala + Essential Oil (Dana Damara) - Bali Malas
Sagittarius Cosmic  Diffuser Mala + Essential Oil (Dana Damara) - Bali Malas

Sagittarius Cosmic Diffuser Malas + Essential Oil (Dana Damara)


12 malas. 12 bracelets.  12 essential oils.  Amplifying the energy and aligning the connection to our own unique sun and/or moon sign through scent, touch and presence.  Smell.  Touch.  Be. 

Handmade ~ Organic ~ Reiki and Crystal infused.  

Sagittarius Muse: The straight-shooting Archer, Sagittarius manifests through enlightenment, travel and truth-seeking. Curious Sagittarius sends us on adventures to determine the meaning of existence. Philosophical Sagittarius rules higher learning and university settings. Sagittarius helps us take risks and big leaps of faith.

Mantra: Spontaneous adventure feeds my soul 

Goddess: Artemis - Free Spirit 

Gemstones:  lava acts as the diffuser to hold your essential oils,  Turquoise and Howlite  gemstone accents

Specifications: Rudraksha seeds with lava diffuser beads to hold your hand crafted zodiac essential oil.  Turquoise and Howlite gemstones compliment this sign with added silver and Sagittarius accent pieces.

Suggested Essential Oil 

Evolve Essential oil mindfully blended and curated for Sagittarius: 

Clove, Juniper Berry, Rosemary, Frankincense and Amazonite Crystal

As daily ritual rub a few drops of the essential oil on any of the lava beads as a sensory reminder of your intentions.  

Each bottle is personally hand crafted by Dana Damara, Reiki Master and creator of 13 Moon Mystic. The oils used in each blend have been intuitively chosen and are organic and therapeutic grade only. Each blend has small crystals at the bottom to create a sense of connection with the Earth. She places the oils and the crystals under the Full Moon for optimal resonance. Each bottle is infused with Reiki energy and held in its highest form via ritual and intention before they are sent to you.  Perfect for Moon Circles, personal ritual, and gifts for others.  Purchase each one separately or together as a set of 12.  


  • Handmade

  • Reiki Infused¬†

  • Therapeutic grade/organic oils

  • Volume: 5ml

Relations: Cosmic Zodiac diffusion malas and bracelets

Collaborator: Dana Damara