6th and 7th Chakra Mala - Ajna and Sahasrana Chakra

Four different malas to support our seven chakras.  

Ajna/Third Eye + Sahasrana/Soma Chakra Activation:   Our sixth chakra (found point between eyebrows) and seventh chakra (found at crown of head) are the secret places of self realization and innate wisdom.  You already know all there is to know.  You already have all your answers, we all just need to listen.  Focusing in on these sacred place of divine seeing and knowing.

Bija Mantra: AUM + silence following AUM
Bija Mantras are sound frequencies used to invoke the divine energy inside the body.

Mantra:  "I wipe my lens clean, I see clearly and sit in the silence of knowing"

Gemstones: Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli and Moonstone

Specifications: 216 (108 x 2) of the tiniest most auspicious rudraksha seeds accented with amber, carnelian and tigers eye all stones supporting the second and third chakra.

Relations:  Chakra Collection, 6th and 7th Chakra bracelet  

*Exclusive to Bali Malas 


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Hope R.
United States

Slightly Disappointed

I was looking for a new mala to focus on specific chakras. I wanted small rudrakshas with additional crystals, and a mala long enough to wrap twice. I thought this was what I had been looking for, based in descriptions and feedback from my inquiry. The rudraksha beads are small, very small, which is nice due to better energy. The length of the mala is longer than the others on the site, but not really long enough to wrap twice (and I have a small head). I really wish the beaded portion of the mala was as long as the full mala ( inclusive of the tassel). I kept it, but suppose I’ll actually keep looking as this one isn’t quite perfect. Too bad it was so expensive, but not perfect. Ultimately I’m disappointed.