Ayurvedic VATA balancing Mala (Eva Ball)

Dosha Series Malas

Dosha; the make up of ones constitution according to aryuveda – also known as tridosha theory – health exists when all is in balance. These malas are specifically designed for use in balancing our fundamental principles, makeup, composition or doshas.  

VATA = Air + Ether

Muse – Like dandelion fluff, floating in the air, flowing with the ether, Vatas Doshas are often found in space, clear skies, and the heavens – if needing balance add routine, warmth, serenity and nourishment.

Mantra:  Soothing and protective mantras balance the vata dosha best; soothing mantras are Sham and Shrim (pronounced “shreem”), protective mantras are Ram and Hrim (pronounced hreem)

Gemstones to support Vata: 

Vata nervous system - Peridot, Chalcedony, and Citrine set in Gold. 

Vata skeletal system - Howlite

Vata Circulation - Garnet

Specifications: ​108 rudraksha with the above gemstone accents hand tied with a light yellow thread and howlite pendant.   

Collaborator: Eva Ball 

Eva provides Ayurvedic Consultations in person and via skype/messenger 

 Relation: Ayruvedic Vata Pacifying Bracelet and all Ayurvedic Dosha malas and bracelets as we all carry a bit of each Dosha in us. 

Not sure of your Dosha?  Click here to take a short Dosha quiz by Yoga International.  

*Exclusive to Bali Malas 

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