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Strong, Sexy, Soulful Mala (Tymi Howard) - Bali Malas

Strong, Sexy, Soulful Malas (Tymi Howard)

Muse:  Our spiritual being, our strength, and sensuousness, the empyreal trio of feminist, awakened and aroused, exposing the authentic illuminated women we all are. 

Mantra: My strength arises from my softness, my sensuality from my soul.  

Gemstone: Turquoise

Specifications:  216 (
108 x2) - 4mm rudrani and rudraksha all intricately hand knotted between each and every bead.  Turquoise gold capped guru pendant and wheat tassel.

Relation: Gemini, Sakti Rudrani and Strong, Sexy, Soulful bracelet

Collaboration: Tymi Howard 

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