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Peridot Mala Choker
Peridot Mala Choker

Peridot Mala Choker


Muse: Like the ions emitted from a waterfall, peridot is known to purify the physical and etheric bodies, especially the anahata chakra located in the heart center. 

Mantra: I release that which no longer serves me.

Gemstones: Peridot

Specifications: choker length of 16" with 4mm peridot, a rare and auspcious 8 mukhi rudraksha, gold-plated accents

Peridot is highly beneficial for attuning to and regulating the cycles of one’s life, such as physical cycles, mental or emotional phases, as well as intellectual progression. It also helps dissipate negative patterns and old vibrations that play over and over, keeping one from realizing they are deserving of success. By working with Peridot one can remove those blockages and move forward quickly, opening the heart and mind more fully to receive from the Universe with grace and gratitude. [Melody, 478][Hall, 213][Simmons, Ahsian, 299]

8 Mukhi (faces) rudraksha helps to remove obstacles and brings success in all undertakings.  It removes the vice of miseries, lethargy and low energy. It increases connection with Lord Ganesha and blesses with high intellect & wisdom



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