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Open Hearted mala
Open Hearted mala
Open Hearted mala


Open Hearted mala

"Love is not an emotion
It is your very existence"
Muse: Our special Open Heart mala offers it wearers the properties of Rhodochrosite, opening the heart and lifting depression. Great for spontaneity and expressing feelings, a stone of love and passion. Green Aventurine is used to activate and clear the heart chakra. To live open hearted... 
Mantra: All you need is love

Gemstone: rose quartz, green aventurine, Rhodochrosite, quartz crystal

Specifications: 108 - 7mm rudrakshas as well as green aventurine and rhodochrosite lovingly hand tied with a green aventurine guru bead and bright green  tassel.  Accented with a brass signature Bali Malas Aum charm at the neck

Relation: I am love