New Moon Mala* (Pat Bailey)

Muse: My mala project has
been many months
in the making.
It is a careful,
108 precious
and mindful choices

strung together, tied in a special way,
spaced in a special way,
finished in a special way all for devotion. 
This mala is a mala of love and devotion,
a tactile tool and reminder of the power
of the elements, medicine, self-love,

and a beautiful way to
sit, connect, sing, love, be,
and set powerful new intentions
Mantra: I harmonize my heart with the rhythm of another.

Gemstone: quartz crystal, amazonite, mica, aquamarine, rose quartz markers, sterling silver accents and a gorgeous labradorite pendant with a vintage Thai Buddhist medallion.  

108 - 8mm sized beads each with a unique chunk of gorgeous labradorite stone and a one of a kind vintage Thai Buddhist medallion adorned by Bouchard Design team.  

Relation: Dreaming in Sanskrit 


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