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Compassion Wrap
Compassion Wrap
Compassion Wrap


Compassion Wrap


Muse: May we all work together to support each other emotionally and spiritually as we become more conscious, enlightened, and spiritually aware. May compassion, peace, love, and light prevail.

Mantra: I match my compassion with purpose to continue to do good in this world.  

Gemstones:  Emerald, Chrysoprase, malachite and white topaz

Emerald: "is a stone which most purely represents the energy pattens of the activated heart chakra. It is the stone that helps one to live and act from the heart level, offering unconditional love and compassion in one's daily life and relationships, opening one to receive love from others and clearing the the channel for one's own connection with Divine Love." 

Chrysoprase:  "The frequency of Chrysoprase reminds one of sunlight falling through fresh, new spring leaves. It carries an energy of growth and ripening promise.  Its energy expands the heart chakra and allows one to receive the infinite love and Abundance of the Universe."

Malachite: "the energy of Malachite strengthens our ability to take action in the world and to create from from our thoughts and ideas."

White Topaz: "stimulates the crown and etheric chakras, opening one's inner senses  to the flow of energy in the form of thought and healing light.  It is a stone of truth, allowing one to perceive the truth in other and maintain adherence to the truth in oneself."

Specifications:  Choice of 2 wrap or 3 wrap, unisex.The 2 wrap does NOT have Emerald

 Relation: Soul Choice Wrap 

* Exclusive to Bali Malas

* Naisha Ahsian from the Book of Stones

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