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Ayurvedic PITTA balancing malas bracelet (Eva Ball)
Ayurvedic PITTA balancing bracelet (Eva Ball) - Bali Malas
Ayurvedic PITTA balancing bracelet (Eva Ball) - Bali Malas

Pitta Dosha


Dosha Series Malas

Dosha;¬†the make up of ones constitution according to aryuveda ‚Äď also known as tridosha theory ‚Äď health exists when all is in balance. The below malas are specifically designed for use in balancing our fundamental principles, makeup, composition or doshas. ¬†

PITTA = Fire + Water

Muse: Found in the fire of life, full of passion, and always rising to the challenge -  if needing balance add coolness, surrender, and moderation.

Mantra: cooling and calming mantras balance pitta dosh best; Som, Sham, Shum, Shim (pronounced sheem) and Aim (pronounced I’m) 

Gemstones to support Pitta:¬†Moonstone, quartz, peridot, and amethyst ‚Äď all set in silver (cooling) Aquamarine brings the water to the fire of Pitta doshas

¬†Specifications: ‚Äčabove listed gemstones on a sturdy elastic cord with our signature silver AUM charm

Collaborator: Eva Ball

Eva provides Ayurvedic Consultations in person and via skype/messenger 

Relation: Ayruvedic Pitta balancing Mala and all Ayurvedic Dosha malas and bracelets as we all carry a bit of each Dosha with us.   

Not sure of your Dosha?  Click here to take a short Dosha quiz by Yoga International.  
*Exclusive to Bali Malas