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Soothing your energy flow and stimulating emotional expressiveness, kindness, tolerance, compassion and self love. It opens up the heart, lifting depression and encourages a positive and cheerful attitude to life. Prompt spontaneity, good to express feelings. The Stone of love and passion. Believed to have the power to attract one’s soul mate. Stimulate the mind and encourages creativity and innovation.


It can relieve migraines, thyroid imbalance, as well as intestinal problems. It stabilizes the pulse, and balances the blood pressure, stimulating the circulation. Calming the nervous system, Rhodochrosite is a powerful healing stone, precisely for any mental issues created by emotional trauma. It helps removing tendencies towards denial and encourages you to accept and love yourself.


Working on the Heart Chakra, it helps you clear away unresolved emotional issues, restoring balance in your heart, especially for those who feel rejected, unloved or abused.