Rudrani Bracelet

Muse: gentle stir of the weightless upon your wrist, the steady peace and delicate elegance of a sultry whisper

Mantra: Om Shanti Shanti Shanti (peace, peace, peace)

Gemstone: rudrani with sterling silver, 22k gold hammered accents or various gemstones listed below

Specifications:  Intricate bracelet of tiny rudrani beads alternating with hand hammered 92.5 sterling silver beads, 22k gold beads on sturdy elastic. (OPTION add 92.5 sterling silver or gold OM - on the silver or gold beads option)


Intricate bracelet of tiny rudrani beads alternating with the choice of one of the following gemstones (carnelian, garnet, moss agate, onyx, or smokey quartz) on elastic.  

Relation: The Muse

Silver or gold

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