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Tourmaline wrap  (limited edition
Tourmaline wrap  (limited edition

Tourmaline wrap (limited edition


Mantra: I surrender and let go so I may rise to the light

Gemstone:  Tourmaline

 Turning negative energy into positive, Tourmaline helps one to “see with the heart” and witness the miracles of life. It encourages a feeling of gratitude, and promotes interest in fellow human beings and the environment. [Gienger, 87][Melody, 656]

Tourmaline brings an invigorating growth and expansion to the emotional body, allowing one to be more expressive and less fearful of change. It inspires compassion, tenderness, patience, and nurtures a sense of belonging

 It invites surrender of all thought to the solitude of a liquid silence, a graceful world of letting go… then rising to the light. It will also free your mind to explore a stronger spiritual connection and a higher consciousness.

Specifications:  6 mm stones provided in a 2 wrap style accented with rudraksha seeds and a silver leaf clasp

Relation: Love Anchor wrap

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