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Shakti Wrap - Bali Malas
Shakti Wrap
Shakti Wrap - Bali Malas

Shakti Wrap

"Pearls are always appropriate."
~ Jackie Kennedy

Muse:  Purity, transformation, honesty and wisdom.  Starting out as a grain of sand pearls represent transformation showing us that our life's experiences create the our own unique beauty within.  As wise and magical as the moon, pearls stimulate our femininity and lift our spirits.  Just like you, completely unique and one of a kind.  

Mantra:  The World is your oyster. You are the pearl. 

 Gemstones:  Pearl

Specifications:  Choice of half 54 (2 wrap) or full 108 (4 wrap), unisex

 Relation:  SUP WrapGolden Sun Wrap and Spirit Wrap

* Exclusive to Bali Malas

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