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Rudrani Seeds


Our designs incorporate the use of authentic, sacred seeds that come to us via  the families that have tended to their growth for centuries. In breaking with tradition they have give our manufacturer in Bali, the only western woman ever, accessibility to create from their labors.

The beads of Rudrani are very rare to find, delicate in nature and are  very auspicious in  good luck.  The positive vibration that is embedded in Rudrani beads can increase the flow of positive energy, even if not worn, by just keeping them in your home or office.  It is also said that Rudrani represents the lord Shiva’s ability to manifest divine feminine power. Bali Malas Rudrani Malas are made of tiny natural beads of 3mm to 4mm. The Rudrani bead is similar to Rudraksha Beads and are believed to be female embodiment of the Rudraksha.  Rudraksha and Rudrani together symbolizes masculine and feminine and energy, harmonizing both polar energies.   Bringing balance to relationships and to individuals alike by leveling the masculine and feminine energies in each of us.  

Malas made from this seed are said to be sacred and of great spiritual importance. The energy of these Rudrani bea malas are active and embody the unknowable but universal female energy of Shakti. The positive vibration that is stored within these beads make them powerful pieces that increase the flow of positive energy in one’s life.

The small  (3-4mm) Rudrani beads have similar properties to Rudraksha, but  are  known for representing the ability to manifest Shakti, the active and dynamic energy of the divine female power. Wearing Rudrani and Rudraksha together helps to harmonize the energies of male/female relationships, as well as the feminine and masculine within the individual.  Bali Malas uses tiny rudrani beads that are treasured for the skill that creates these delicate, almost weightless strands that glides on you like the wind. 

  • Rudrskani tree is considered to be the most scared tree and hence the seeds are collected as the blessings
  • When the tree is in full blossom, the seeds fall on the ground and collected to prepare Rudrani Malas
  • It is often said that Rudrani Mala is to represent the union of Shakti and Siva which means it is the divine meeting of female and male principles
It is believed that malas comprised of Rudrani beads are  considered to be the scared jewelry of the Goddess Parvati.

Coming from the ancient wisdom of Hindu Mythology, the Goddess Parvati, who is a form of Shakti - the universal female energy. Parvati was actually the wife of Shiva and the mother of Ganesha.  She  helped Shiva defeat demons and  assisted him in evolving from a dark, depressed God into a reborn and inspired leader of all Gods; with her help he accepted pleasure back into his life, became a patron for all of the Gods and as the Great Warrior became the Lord of Dance. Her son Ganesha is known as a loyal protector, as half human and half elephant, he is the Keeper of the Threshold and God of Good Fortune. These many powerful qualities of Parvati are housed in the Rudrani seeds.