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AUM Mala - Bali Malas
AUM Mala - Bali Malas
Amethyst Aum

Amethyst Aum

Presenting the 'Amethyst Aum' Mala, a sublime fusion of spirituality and elegance. Crafted with 108 sacred Rudraksha beads, each adorned with delicate 22K gold-plated accents, this Mala resonates with divine energy and timeless beauty.

Sacred Rudraksha Connection: Immerse yourself in the sacred energies of Rudraksha, revered for centuries for its grounding properties. The 108 beads create a profound connection with your inner self, promoting focus and spiritual growth.

Radiant 22K Gold Elements: Every bead is adorned with intricately designed 22K gold-plated accents, symbolizing purity and radiance. The warm golden hues enhance the spiritual essence of the Mala, creating a visually captivating and spiritually charged accessory.

Centerpiece of Spiritual Significance: At the heart of this Mala lies a radiant Aum bead, crafted in 22K gold. The sacred Aum symbolizes the ultimate reality, providing a focal point for meditation and enhancing the overall spiritual resonance of the Mala.

Tranquil Amethyst Presence: Enriched with the calming properties of Amethyst, this Mala invites tranquility and spiritual clarity. Amethyst is known to uplift the spirit and deepen the connection to higher consciousness, making it a powerful addition to your spiritual practices.

Versatile Spiritual Companion: Beyond its spiritual significance, the 'Amethyst Aum' Mala is a versatile accessory. Whether used for meditation, prayer, or worn as a symbol of inner strength, it is a timeless expression of devotion and refined spirituality.

Design Elements:
108 beads of rudraksha 
22K gold OM bead
22k gold plated accents

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