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Bali Tridatu Blessing bracelet
Bali Tridatu Blessing bracelet

Bali Tridatu Blessing bracelet



Muse: Our Bali sacred wristband threads as very similar to the wristbands you would receive at one of the over 10,000 Temples in Bali, known as the Island of the Gods. In Bali daily offerings are everywhere, on sidewalks, in the streets, at the beaches, the plethora of temples, temples for every prayers, sacredness exudes wherever you look in Bali.  All of these rituals are a constant reminder to pause, to breathe, to be grateful.  Your wristband, a simple string bracelet that often comes from a much longer sting, we are all connected.  The sacred rudraksha seeds are a gentle reminder of your prayers, intentions and mantras, the seeds you are planting, the intentions set.

Mantra: May we always remember to count our blessings 

Gemstone: none

Specifications: single rudraksha on a multi colored cord representing the three Gods of Bali. Adjustable to fit any size wrist.   

It is believed that Red evokes creativity and bravery, white awakens your Inner goodness and black is protection from bad spirits 

Red for Brahma - The Creator 

White for Siwa (Shiva) - The Destroyer, and 

Black for Wisnu (Vishnu) - The Preserver

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