Bloom (Sri Yantra) Bracelet

Muse: Sri Yantra is known to usher in peace, prosperity, harmony and good luck.   Considered as one of the oldest, purest and strongest symbols. 

The special feature of the Sri Yantras is its highly complex geometric form. It consists of 9 triangles, with 5 pointing downwards and representing the male force. The 4 triangles pointing upwards represent the feminine. The round dot in the middle symbolizes the origin and completion of creation.

Mantra:  I move from the mind to the divine

Gemstone choices: 

True Bloom has lapis lazuli, amazonite and howlite


Sunrise Bloom has carnelian, amber and citrine 

Specifications: A gorgeous Sri Vidya Yantra in sterling silver or rose gold anchored between rudraksha and selected gemstones.  

Relation: Bloom Sri Vidya Malas

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