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Sea and Surf wrap bracelet
Sea and Surf wrap bracelet

Sea and Surf wrap bracelet



Muse: the unending pulsations of salt, foam, sand, water, life, filling the shores with its majesty to only withdraw back into itself, exhaling, collecting, tumbling back to it's source. The sea, the surf, the breath.  

Mantra: reminding myself of the healing qualities of the waves rolling in, rolling out, breathing in, breathing out. 

Gemstones:  green aventurine, moonstone, labradorite, lapis lazuli, chrysoprase, moss agate, amazonite all 6mm and 4mm lapis Lazuli stones

 2 wrap consisting of a one wrap in 4mm lapis lazuli stones and one wrap of all other gemstones sized at 6mm on a black leather code with a silver clasp.  Sterling silver signature Aum charm. 

Relation: Sup Wrap

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