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Dharma Choker - Bali Malas
Dharma Choker - Bali Malas
Dharma Choker - Bali Malas
Dharma Choker - Bali Malas

Dharma Choker


Muse:  "Dharma is the compelling force in each of us that longs to thrive, to become who and what we are meant to be. The principle of dharma asserts that what is in our true best interests as an individual (microcosm) is in the best interest of the universe (macrocosm).

Few things are more powerful than learning to trust that your path to a fulfilled life — and the glorious destiny that you meant to share with the world — is part of your soul’s blueprint". ~ Rod Stryker

Mantra: I embody and share with the world my own unique Dharma code.

Gemstones: Lapis Lazuli, Aqaumarine and Tiger's Eye

Lapis Lazuli is a stone of visionary awareness and truth and a wonderful stone for the spiritual seeker.  It is a steadfast aid in the inner journey carrying a vibration of the Inner Queen that lies within each of us.  Gifting a friend Lapis can be a catalyst for a mystical inner journey to higher awareness.  

Aqaumarine is stone of courage, knowledge, empowerment and wisdom. Aquamarine assists in providing crystal clear communication of our highest truth.  

Tiger's Eye Helps one to understand any cycle in life that one is living, it enhances courage, physical strength, passion and vitality. It brings together energies of heaven & earth, lifting our vibrations

Specifications: choker length of 16" with above gemstones and sterling silver and 22k gold accents highlighting the unique lapis lazuli cube pendant.  

Relation: Dharma bracelet

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