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Ease and Flow necklace by Ananda Soul - Bali Malas

Ease and Flow Necklace by Ananda Soul


Wear a pendant of Ganesha to invoke ease and flow in your life.

Ganesha is worshipped as the remover of obstacles as well as for giving us the wisdom to overcome obstacles in life. Basically he holds our hand and helps us through the rough bits and brings us the insights to get through them. He is also the god of beginnings, allowing us to see the doors that open rather than staring at the ones that closed.
Aquamarine is a very powerful stone to stimulate psychic powers and increasing awareness. It enables us to create a link between our intuition to our conscious mind, becoming aware of psychic messages.

    Specifications: Length:  This necklace offers 3 options to wear at different lengths- 48cm (Option 1) | 75cm (Option 2) | 77cm (Option 3) | Pendant length 2.5cm

    Materials: 22kt gold vermeil, Aquamarine

    This necklace comes with a handmade cotton pouch by Ananda Soul