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Ayurvedic Kapha balancing malas (Eva Ball) - Bali Malas
Ayurvedic Kapha balancing mala (Eva Ball) - Bali Malas
Ayurvedic Kapha balancing mala (Eva Ball) - Bali Malas

Ayurvedic Kapha Balancing Malas (Eva Ball)


Dosha Series Malas

Dosha; the make up of ones constitution according to aryuveda ‚Äď also known as tridosha theory ‚Äď health exists when all is in balance. These malas are specifically designed for use in balancing our fundamental principles, makeup, composition or doshas. ¬†

KAPHA = Earth + Water

Muse: Steady as she goes, graceful, loving and slower paced, gliding through life, if needing balance add stimulation, light, warmth and dryness

Mantra: stimulating and clearing mantras balance kapha doshas best; Aim, Hum, Hrim (pronounced hreem)

Gemstones to support Kapha: Garnet as a warm stone for Kapha lungs and to increase will power.  Tigers Eye, amethyst, pyrite and lapis lazuli as clearing stones. 

¬†Specifications: ‚Äč108 rudraksha with above listed gemstone accents hand tied on a traditional burgundy thread. ¬†Signature gold plate AUM charm. ¬†

Collaborator: Eva Ball

Eva provides Ayurvedic Consultations in person and via skype/messenger 

Relation: Ayruvedic Kapha balacing bracelet and all Ayurvedic Dosha malas and bracelets as we all carry a bit of each Dosha with us.   

Not sure of your Dosha?  Click here to take a short Dosha quiz by Yoga International.  

*Exclusive to Bali Malas