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Moonlight Bliss Bracelet Wrap
Moonlight Bliss Bracelet Wrap
Moonlight Bliss Bracelet Wrap

Moonlight Bliss Bracelet Wrap


Muse:  Moonlight Bliss the watery bliss-nectar of the moon, delight, gentleness and peace. This moonlike bliss is within you, accessible through egoless, joyful surrender and intimate devotion to the divine.

Mantra: I awaken the kundalini Shakti, the feminine energy within

Gemstones: Freshwater Pearl, Moonstone, Aquamarine and Pyrite

Freshwater Pearl: Truth, sincerity, honesty, loyalty and steadfastness. Wisdom through experience and a sense of inner confidence and serenity that allows you to tackle all of life’s unexpected challenges. 

Moonstone the stone of the gods and goddesses, offering hope and spiritual purity through denial of the ego. It opens the heart to nurturing qualities as well as assisting in the acceptance of love.

Aquamarine: the stone of courage and encourages you to always be prepared.  It is a stone that allows us to go with the flow while also establishing order and balance.  Attunes to spiritual levels of awareness.  

Pyrite: provides protection from negative energy. It encourages and sustains the flawless ideal of health, intellect and emotional well being.  

Specifications:  4 mm stones on a leather cord adjustable to fit any size wrist wrap twice around the wrist. Aum Charm and silver clasp

Relation: Moonshadow Mala

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