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Night Sky


Night Sky


Muse:Ā Our Night Sky mirrors the softness, the gentleness and tranquillity of a deep night sky.Ā  Sunstone reflects the qualities of light, bringing openness, benevolence, warmth and the willingness and ability to bestow blessings upon others. Gaze deeply into the night Sky for the ancient myths written by the stars that Mars was made of Coral.Ā  Lapis Lazuli provides forĀ inner vision while Pyrite shields against any negative energies.Ā  Blue lace agate and amazonite provide for a soft caliming energy conducive for a deep mediatative focus as weĀ whisper truthfulness of our deepest desires into the first stars.Ā 

Mantra:Ā In the infinity of life where I am, all is perfect, whole, and complete

Gemstone:ļ»æļ»æĀ Sunstone, Lapis Lazuli, Pyrite, Blue Lace agate and AmazoniteĀ 

Ā 216 beads, 4Ā mm rudrakshaĀ andĀ above listed gemstones with sunstone guruĀ pendant with blueĀ tassel, wear long or wrap twice around your neck.

Relation:Ā Ā PresenceĀ