Swadisthana /Water Chakra Bracelet

Seven bracelets.  Seven essential oils.  Supporting our seven chakras.  Activating each chakra through scent, touch and presence.  Smell.  Touch.  Be. 

Swadisthana /Water Chakra Activation:  Our second chakra found below the naval, where we hold our creativity and sensuality.  Our mala/essential oil combination inspires birth, reconnecting with our natural creativity, letting go of our limitations and insecurities, bringing color and imagination back to our lives.

Bija Mantra: VAM

Bija Mantra are sound frequencies used to invoke the divine energy inside the body.

Mantra: "Creativity is flowing through me."

Gemstones: faceted carnelian

Swadisthana Chakra Mala: Rudraksha beads with carnelian stones encouraging  confidence and action.  Orange tassel supporting the color associated with this second chakra.

Suggested Essential Oil (not included)

Citrus Oil Blend:  Wild orange, lemon, grapefruit, mandarine, bergamot and tangerine.  This oils inspire creative expression by reconnecting individuals with their inner child and their natural creative sense.  As daily ritual rub a few drops of the oil on the guru rudraksha pendant as a sensory reminder of your intentions.   

Relations: Swadisthana /Water Chakra Mala + Essential Oil

*Exclusive to Bali Malas 


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