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Soulful jewelry

handmade and blessed before leaving the island of the Gods, Bali

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Founded in 2007

Bali Malas was founded in 2007, being the first western company to offer the sacred rudraksha seed malas/jewelry.  There have been several others to follow in our footsteps, yet we take pride in knowing we initially "planted the seed" of the rudraksha to the western yogi.

Our values


We are conscious of our planet and the balance of life on a small island - particularly to the fragile oceans from where our products are produced. We have supported the movement to remove plastic bags from the island of Bali as well as enhanced recycling awareness

Bali Malas empowers all to live a life full of intention, and facilitate a deeper practice. Lovingly handmade and blessed in Bali. Adorn your soul.

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Inspiring you to live your life full of intention