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Our Story


Bali Malas was founded in 2007 with the intention to share the sacred rudraksha seed to yogis beyond Indonesia and Asia.
Long revered as a talisman of divine inspiration and healing energy, we’ve been blessed to plant this seed of wisdom in the West.
Our Values - Bali Malas
Our Values : Respect to People and the Planet

Fairtrade - bali Malas provides a sustainable living wage to producers and employees through transparency dialogue and partnership.

Sustainable -  we use only local sustainably harvested Rudrakshas. Through our direct relationship with the farmers we insure the sustainability of the rudraksha forests.

Eco-friendly - we are conscious of our planet and the balance of life on a small island - particularly to the fragile oceans from where our products are produced. We have supported the movement to remove plastic bags from the island of Bali as well as enhanced recycling awareness.

Genuine - Harvested with love in Bali, we use genuine high-vibe, un-tumbled, un-dyed, blessed rudraksha seeds.Our Ethics - Bali Malas

Our Ethics : Community First

Being the first to introduce the sacred rudraksha to the west comes with a high responsibility. Through our over ten years of business we are proud to  have stayed in integrity with our mission - to bring this blessing bead into the world.  From our inception we are proud to support our community by donating to Bumi Sehat and the Bali Street Children Foundation.  

Bali Street Kids ProjectBali Street Kids Foundation
Our Sacred Offerings - Bali Malas
Our Sacred Offerings : Rudraksha, Rudrani and Tulsi 

 Malas lovingly hand strung, hand knotted and blessed in Bali, Indonesia.  

We see the world as a place where all should enjoy the beauty of soulful adornments, infusing the routine with meaning. At Bali Malas, we make the daily desirable, the mundane magical, and the sacred essential. Authentically inspiring all to integrate their intention, explore their potential, invite healing, and manifest their dreams. 


Our Team - Bali Malas


Bali Malas Team Bali Malas Team Bali Malas Team
Christy Wandrei, Owner Anne Quinn - Minneapolis  Soma Temple, founder of Aum Rudraksha Designs
Bali Malas Team Bali Malas Team Bali Malas Team Bali Malas Team
Mary Healy - North Carolina Eva Ball - West Virginia Amanda Viskowski - Idaho Kathy Castle - Wisconsin



Bali Malas is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, USA