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AND the winners are.....

Posted by Christy Wandrei on

What does 2018 hold for you?

Our Holiday Intentions giveaway/promotion towards the end of last year was a great success.  We received hundreds of entries, many of which moved us to tears, laughter and full on inspiration!  We are grateful to all those that sent their entries in to us and our wish is that your intentions can carry you through the navigation of 2018 and whatever lays before us. 

Our three winners and their hand picked best supportive Bali Malas are :

Cathy B. 
Words she would like to resonate with in 2018. Love, Kindness, Balance, Boundaries, Health, Well Being and Peace.  Her mala was hand selected with the following gemstones to support these intentions.
Aquamarine   Assists with the expression of love, compassion and the communication of one's truth
Blue Lace Agate is calming and centering and helps assists in finding the beauty of inner silence
Quartz Crystal  Known as the master crystal amplifying all energies. Wonderful stone for prayer and healing work.  
Turquoise is a stone of wholeness and health, and is beneficial to overall well-being and peace. 
Larissa J. 
Words: Courage, Intuition, Intimacy and Peace.  Her mala has the following gemstones:
Blue lace agate is calming and centering and helps assists in finding the beauty of inner silence
Rose Quartz Known as the love stone.  It turns the heart towards love and bathes body, mind, spirit in the healing and enlightening frequency. 
Light lavender Amethyst A stone of infinite peace
Quartz Crystal Known as the master crystal amplifying all energies. Wonderful stone for prayer and healing work.  
Mother of pearl stimulates our intuition while enabling us to easily express feelings of love.
Lene J.
Words: Strength, Compassion and Unity.  
Prehnite Brings joy to the heart and peace to the mind.  It quiets restlessness, nervousness  and worry by linking the heart with the will. It helps renew ones chi and strengthens the flow of vital energy in the body.  Prehnite Mantra: I place my person power in the service of the heart, and my will is willing to do as my heart desires.  
Congratulations all!

It's never too late to set a resolution, a goal, an intention, so in case you missed it, here are the questions from our promotion that may help to guide you moving into this new year...  Why not take a stab at it by filling in these blanks then print it out and post somewhere you'll see it each day.  Go ahead make some tea, sit quietly and take a moment or two to connect to your vision for 2018.

Connection comes before _____________________   
This year will be full of ________________________________
I am most grateful for     _________________________________
The words I would like to align with in 2018 are _____________________   
My hearts deepest desire is _________________________________

Remember Bali Malas has multiple ways to help you with your intentions and you can shop by intention as well on our website HERE
Bali malas - the art of mindful living!
{Crystal References thanks to The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian}

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  • Can u get me a blue lace mala
    Agate with really large rudrushka?
    Beautiful!!!!! E

    Ellen Rule on
  • What an OM-azing surprise to wake up to this! :) I’ve looked up prehnite and it seems to fit perfectly! Thank you SO very much! And congratulations to the other winnners :)

    Lene J on
  • Thank you so much!! I didn’t enter the contest with any thought of winning ( I have never won a contest of any kind before) , I was just inspired to answer the questions from my heart without overanalyzing ( a common pattern of mine!) or overthinking. I printed it out for myself to inspire me in this new year to make some much needed shifts. I was so surprised when I was looking at the current email and saw my name and what I had written. I still didn’t believe it was me. I feel blessed to receive this mala and look forward to feeling its energy in my meditation. Thank you again.
    With much love, Namaste, Cathy

    Cathy Brown-Berry on

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