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How to Use a Prayer Bead Mala

Posted by Jenny Jean Almquist on

Image of a woman meditating with Bali Malas prayer Beads

How to Use a Prayer Bead Mala

  1. Find a comfortable and quiet space for your practice. 
  2. Hold the mala in your dominant hand, allowing it to drape between your fingers.

  3. Begin at the guru bead, which is typically larger or has a tassel attached.

  4. Recite your chosen mantra, affirmation, or enjoy a relaxing breath. At your own pace, move to the next bead and repeat your practice with each 108 beads.

  5. Allow the texture of the rudraksha seed to hold your attention to the present moment. Feel the pull of gravity grounding you as you settle in and align with your true nature as a divine being. 

  6. Upon completion, put your mala on to adorn yourself with your personal blessings. Or alternatively, store your mala on your meditation alter or special place. 

Using a mala is a personal and meaningful experience. Adjust the practice to suit your preferences and spiritual beliefs. Enjoy the peaceful and centered state that your mala practice can bring to your life.

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