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The Lioness.

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The Lioness.

The Lioness Has Been Awakened

I was born under the sign of the lion, and I do possess many of the typical Leo traits. 

I like grandeur, lavish living, children, and praise, lots of praise.  I do not like penny-pinching, mean spiritedness, and the ins and outs of boring day to day living (yawn).  

However, I do think the majority of my lioness traits have been dormant most of my life.  Nonetheless, these last few years my Leo-self has bent and floated into asanas I never could have imagined. 

Conscious Growing Business

I have built a conscious business, growing it each year.  I have taught hundreds of yogis and have just completed my 500 hr teacher training with Shiva Rea. 

All these events being instrumental to the awakening of my inner Leo, my truest nature. 

My lioness has awoken

Easing into the new year, I have been working on my organizing/arranging/sacred planning for 2012.  (Via my online sadhana group with Shiva Rea.) 

I've been asking myself some questions, what is my experience of myself currently? What is my vision of myself at the end of this next 365-day cycle around the sun?  What do I want to see in my business, my relationships, my health, my creativity, my spirituality?

Not exactly easily answered questions, but questions that have led to much pondering and introspection.  

I am learning January is an excellent time to muse, to plant future seeds/goals and directions for the new year ahead. During my contemplation of the aforementioned questions the image of a lioness kept arising. 

The lioness who takes care of her young, who lives amongst a tribe, who is in many ways a "householder", all similar circumstances to my own. 

Answer to difficult questions

Here is how I answered my own inquiry: "She has begun her new year journey walking stealthily on her huge padded feet into her world of business, children, householding, spirituality and love.

As her feet leave a delicate imprint in the soft new ground of 2012 you will see her sway and swagger with each step.  Her gentle sloping shoulders reflecting her relaxation, her amply cushioned feet gracefully flowing in front of her with each day.  Crouching down to examine things a bit closer, taking "cat" naps in the sun.  Perking up her ears to listen better, and not afraid to growl and bare her teeth if she deems necessary simultaneously shifting to a meditative purr.  She is surrounded by her ever supporting tribe, for she has learned "you are the company you keep."  

Her body is healthy and tone, eyes bright with ferocity.  Most noticeable is her heart that is alighted with the fire that she continually tends.  This lioness has been awakened and is ready to gracefully traverse her way through the expanse." I encourage you to grab your journal and begin pondering and questioning, planning and compass pointing. 

You may be ever so pleasantly surprised at what you've cultivated upon reflection on December 31, 2012.


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