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The Mother Ship.

Posted by Afterpay Key on

Being a mother is a blessed, magical thing, and it is also filled with difficult decisions and struggles. I have had three children, each one having their own unique births. My first two children were born surgically, for very different reasons. The end results of these deliveries were two beautiful thriving children, the ultimate goal of all pregnancies.   However the actual birthing experiences were quite traumatic and wounding for me, deeply rooting into all levels of my being, mind, body and spirit. When I discovered I was pregnant for the third time, I was quite “seasoned” in this more intervening style of childbirth.   Once I was told this third pregnancy was not “high risk” I firmly decided that as long as my child’s health and my health weren’t compromised I would do all I could to have a vaginal birth this third time around. I was told by most that a third pregnancy would absolutely result in a scheduled cesarean section. I pulled on my new resolve and began to fully educate myself, I read books by Ina Mae Gasken, I poured over the complete anatomy of child birth, practiced yoga, homeopathy, and acupuncture. All of this built my confidence in my body and my baby working together for this ultimate synchronization of birth through me. Approximately five weeks before my due date I attended a yoga conference where I discovered Bali Malas. I felt a powerful energetic pull towards their “heart of the matter” mala with its activated aventurine and rudraksha beads, the perfect supporting accessory I needed for this birth. I wore it every day of the last month of pregnancy and through the birth. When the time came and my beautiful son was born through me I can still feel the sensation of that moment and everything surrounding it. I can still smell my baby’s wonderful scent and feel his warmth on my chest.   My senses were alert, my mind was not fogged, none of the influences of post surgical narcotics. Being completely present for this miraculous event, pure natural bliss When I reflect on the births of my three children I am reminded of this miracle of life and the emotion of pure joy and amazement. Deep down I believed my body knew how to do the work and my brain needed to believe it too. When these two energies came together a baby was born through me.   All with the awareness that I am just the container, the Mother Ship, and they are the little skiffs that I launched out into the beautiful ocean of life. Author:  Andrea Moonen

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  • Dre!!
    What a beautifully written story of Ellis’ birth!! I remember how hard the first 2 births were for u and I just wanna say:
    I’M SO VERY PROUD OF U! U are definitely the strongest woman I’ve ever met and u inspire me continually. I’m so glad they featured your & Ellis’ story. You brought tears to my eyes of joy because I KNOW others will be inspired by u and find strength thru you. I’m so blessed to call u my friend and I love you!!!!
    Molls ?

    Molly Hart on

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