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Durga bracelet* - Bali Malas
Durga bracelet* - Bali Malas
Durga Bracelet

Durga Bracelet

Named after the Goddess Durga, a symbol of feminine strength and fearlessness, this bracelet embodies her bold yet gentle energy. Goddess Durga embodies a rich tapestry of attributes, representing the divine feminine, protection, victory over evil, and maternal love. She is celebrated and revered for her ability to inspire strength, courage, and spiritual transformation in her devotees

The Rose Quartz brings love and compassion, while Amber radiates warmth and positivity. Green Aventurine invites prosperity, and Chalcedony imparts serenity.

The Durga Bracelet is a profound fusion of ancient wisdom and contemporary elegance, a talisman that not only enhances your inner journey but also invokes the protective and empowering spirit of Goddess Durga, making it a cherished companion for your spiritual path.

rose quartz, amber, green aventurine, chalcedony

Specifications: 4mm rudrani and rudraksha on a durable elastic cord.


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