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Unakite + Rudraksha
Unakite + Rudraksha

Unakite + Rudraksha

Introducing Bali Malas' Unakite and Rudraksha Bracelet – a harmonious fusion of healing energies. Crafted with serene unakite and sacred rudraksha beads, this bracelet offers a synergistic blend of grounding and emotional healing. Unakite is renowned for its ability to balance emotions, promote self-love, and enhance spiritual growth. Paired with the grounding energy of rudraksha, this bracelet guides you towards inner peace and holistic well-being. Experience the transformative power of Unakite and Rudraksha as you embark on your journey of healing and self-discovery.

Design Elements:
6.5 mm Rudraksha 
Pairs perfectly with 'Sign of Taurus' Mala.