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Shakti Mala / Pitta Balance / Lakshmi
Shakti Mala / Pitta Balance / Lakshmi
Shakti Mala / Pitta Balance / Lakshmi

Shakti Mala / Pitta Balance / Lakshmi



Muse:  Shakti mala is the embodiment of luminosity at its heart. It inspires the fulfillment of the promise to shine your light and live your potential. Rise beyond doubt and eagerness, constant limitations to the blossoming of the heart. The Shakti mala is a reminder to bear the brilliance of Sun in the heart yet maintain a moon-like radiance on the forehead. This balance is crucial in everyday life for the Shakti to rise gracefully and completely. Shine on!  

Use the mala while mentally repeating the mantra, HRĪṀ, to invite luminosity and abundance every day.   

Mantra:  The mantra to befriend the moon-like mind comes from Rig Veda, 9th mandala: “Indo Sakhitvam Ushmasi.” By the power of such friendship and companionship, the Shakti rises effortlessly. HRĪṀ awakens the sentiment of luminosity, abundance, and grace. It is the mantra of the Auspicious Goddess, Lakshmi.  

Dosha: Pitta Balance

Goddess: Lakshmi

Gemstones:  Each gemstone is carefully chosen to invoke illumination. Moonstone, with its lunar qualities, reminds us of the importance of rest, Amethyst is the drop of nectar that the heart yearns for, and Pearl is the Shakti that rises as the crowning jewel. Silver’s cooling effect pacifies pitta dosha.  

Specifications: 216 of the above listed gemstones with rudraksha and silver accents is joined together with a Silver charm, hand inscribed with the mantra, HRĪṀ

Collaborator: Indu Arora 

Relation:  Shakti Wrap Bracelet

*Exclusive to Bali Malas


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