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Luna Blue

Luna Blue

Be embellished with the celestial tranquility of our enchanting 'Luna Blue' wrap bracelet—a harmonious fusion of otherworldly elements and captivating hues.

Luminous Moonstone emanates ethereal energies, fostering inner balance and intuition. Paired with the calming embrace of Blue Tiger's Eye and the mesmerizing depth of Golden Blue Tiger's Eye, each bead resonates with serenity and strength, guiding you with tranquility and insight.

Handmade by Christy Wandrei using a durable leather cord, this wrap bracelet exudes durability and elegance, as is adorned with a sterling silver om charm and clasp that add meaning and whimsy to its design.


Design Elements:

Blue Tiger's Eye
Golden Blue Tiger's Eye
Rudraksha Beads

Designed and hand-woven by Christy Wandrei