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Terra Firma

Terra Firma

Introducing our 'Terra Firma' wrap bracelet—an embodiment of grounding energies, handcrafted crafted to accompany you on your journey.

Vibrant Garnets infuse vitality and passion, while Golden Tiger's Eye with its golden hues, resonates with warmth. Jasper, revered for its grounding properties, instills stability and harmony, complemented by the spiritual depth of Rudraksha beads, fostering inner tranquility.

Crafted on durable leather, this bracelet embodies resilience and earthly connection, accentuated by a gold-plated om charm and clasp. The om symbol embodies spiritual significance, offering a constant reminder of unity and divine presence.

Embrace the grounding energies of nature with our "Terra Firma" wrap bracelet, a fusion of Garnet's vitality, Tiger's Eye's abundance, Jasper's grounding influence, and the spiritual essence of Rudraksha. Let it grace your wrist, guiding you on a journey of balance and inner harmony amidst life's unfolding chapters.

Design Elements:
Golden Tiger's Eye
Leather cord
Gold-plated om charm and clasp

Designed and hand-strung by Christy Wandrei