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Howlite Malas


Discover the Equanimity Mala, a peaceful representation of inner serenity, unwavering composure, and a tranquil heart, even when faced with life's challenges.

Rudraksha: These sacred seeds serve as an anchor, grounding you in moments of turmoil, fostering inner peace and balance.

Howlite Pendant: Howlite, renowned for its calming properties, encourages self-awareness and mindful emotional expression, enabling serene communication.

Sterling Silver OM Charm: The OM symbol signifies spiritual harmony and unity, enhancing the mala's peaceful energy.

Rest east with this lovely s a spiritual anchor resting gently on your heart. Relax in its stable energy as you gracefully navigate life's ebb and flow, always poised and composed."

Design Elements:
howlite pendant 
sterling silver OM charm
Pairs perfectly with 'Howlite + Rudraksha' Bracelet.
Howlite + Rudraksha Bracelet by Bali Malas