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Jenny Jean Almquist

From an early career as an Operations Manager for a renewable energy company, my love for Mother Earth guided me on a path of purpose. But it was my own healing journey that ignited my passion for natural wellness therapies, including  Bali Malas.

Jenny Jean of Bali Malas

When I was a teenager I was diagnosed with chronic illnesses for which modern medicine does not have effective treatments. It was then that I discovered the vast remedies of the Ayurvedic healing tradition and embarked on many years of training with various teachers in the U.S. and India. I went on to work as an Ayurvedic Health Counselor and found that a key remedy was the effortless and inspired healing energy of esthetics. 

I have always maintained that nothing perks up lethargy and quells pain like beauty. A sweet smile, sunny skies, or sacred gemstones; the inherent energetics of beauty are immediate and palpable. 

As an owner and designer of Bali Malas, I intend to foster comfort and wellness by curating exquisite malas, inspired by the mystical energies of revered rudraksha seeds and potent gemstones. Each piece is a fusion of resplendence and cosmic energy, aimed at empowering individuals on their spiritual healing journeys.

My holistic approach to well-being, reverence for nature, and belief that beauty is a healing force have brought me to the fulfilling role I hold today.

With Bali Malas, I aspire to share ancient wisdom, resources, and nature’s beauty that have meant everything to me.

Join me on a path to wellness, beauty, and self-discovery as we explore the inseparable connection between inner and outer radiance.

In the spirit of the sacred and lovely, 

Jenny Jean