Manipura/Fire Chakra Bracelet - Bali Malas

Manipura/Fire Chakra Bracelet


Seven malas.  Seven essential oils.  Supporting our seven chakras.  Activating each chakra through scent, touch and presence.  Smell.  Touch.  Be. 

Manipura/Fire Chakra  Activation:  Our third chakra found at the naval center from which vision, form, and ego emerge.  Our mala/essential oil combination restores confidence in our self, buyoancy in our hearts, dispelling confusion, granting us clarity.  

Bija Mantra: RAM

Bija Mantra are sound frequencies used to invoke the divine energy inside the body.

Mantra:  "Sometimes letting go is the most empowering choice"

Gemstones: faceted citrine

Specifications: Rudraksha beads with citrine stones rebuilding our personal power.  Yellow tassel supporting the color associated with this third chakra. 

Lemon Essential Oil:  Lemon assists in calming fears and insecurities while restoring confidence in the Self.   As daily ritual rub a few drops of the oil on the guru rudraksha pendant as a sensory reminder of your intentions.  

Relations: Manipura 3rd Chakra Mala

*Exclusive to Bali Malas