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Peaceful Mind Earrings by Ananda Soul - Bali Malas

Peaceful Mind Earrings by Ananda Soul


The Peaceful Mind earrings are dedicated to the love, peace and joy we feel when we turn inwards and let the stories calm down for a moment.

Pink Tourmaline is a deeply nurturing stone that directly touches the heart. Its soft pink to deep red is associated to feminine energies and is a wonderful crystal to cleanse the emotional body from worry, anxiety or depression. This love-enhancing, heart-opening stone attracts joy, relaxation and happiness into ones life.

Widely known as the “love” or “heart” stone, Rose Quartz encourages unconditional love and opens its wearer to all forms of love: self love, romantic love, family love, platonic love … It’s heart opening qualities act soothing on the nervous system, decreasing stress levels and increasing happiness, trust and harmony. 

• Materials:
 22kt Gold Plated, Pink Tourmaline, Rose Quartz
• Length: 9cm

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